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In 2013, when we started getting the message out, concerning the state of UK nature, we were told that it was a waste of time because people simply didn't care! Six years on and we now have over 140,000 followers on social media and the majority of them certainly do seem to care! We are now also working on the ground across Birmingham and finding, once again, that the majority of people do care, when they receive the facts about the state of nature!

Once individuals become aware of the ecological crisis unfolding outside their windows, the next question tends to be "what can we do to make a difference?". So we worked with our followers and supporters to create "The People's #100Actions4Nature" which clearly demonstrates how everyone has the power to help restore nature through simple actions!

 When we announced that we were planning to work closely with the business community, we were advised not to "because they were the problem"! So we spoke to business owners and guess what? The majority do care about nature and the health and wellbeing that parks and other open spaces bring to their neighbourhoods, and want to make a difference!

These businesses are actually part of the solution and represent the face of future commerce in a rapidly changing world. 

In order to drive this change towards a sustainable world, we have launched Business4Nature: a network which promotes and supports businesses that care about local communities and their futures.

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Here's how it works:

1. Bronze, Silver and Gold Advertising and Promotion Packages

We offer unique, and highly cost-effective packages to raise the profile of businesses that care about their local community and nature. These packages cost just £1 per week for a bronze package, rising to £6 per week for the gold package and are designed to give businesses that care a competitive edge. The packages offer a wide range of online as well as on-the-ground methods of promotion (including Apps like TiCL), to an engaged and relevant audience. 

2. Free Network Meetings

All Silver and Gold businesses automatically join their local Business4Nature network. There will be 10 local business networks: one for each constituency across the city of Birmingham.

Silver and Gold businesses will be promoted at Business4Nature network meetings and there will also be opportunities for participating businesses to meet, collaborate (for example by reciprocol marketing) and trade with each other. This will create efficiencies and savings, whilst also strengthening the local economy. There will also be opportunities to get involved in local community projects and activities that satisfy corporate social responsibility, whilst also improving health, wellbeing and team ethics within the workforce.

We are also developing ways for participating businesses to gain strength together across the city, by connecting all 10 Birmingham networks. Once again, our objective here is to give caring businesses a competitive edge.

3. Building Strength Through Teamwork

As the Business4Nature network grows, there will be even more opportunities for participating businesses to save money, for example through collective buying, shared training and job vacancy boards.

4. Team4Nature Partnerships

There is massive scope for participating businesses to benefit from our Team4Nature local and national partnerships, whilst also helping nature.

Here are a few examples:

Commercial Solar & Energy Efficiency

We are working with our award-winning UK partner Carbon Zero Renewables to increase profit margins for Birmingham businesses, whilst also helping the city become carbon neutral, one rooftop at a time!  A free survey will assess the savings potential and pay-back period for a solar fitting and help you find other energy efficiencies. Contact us or Carbon Zero Renewables, to arrange a survey, quoting #Business4Nature and you will also be eligible to recieve a wildlife support pack for your business premises, worth at least £50 (created in partnership with Meadow In My Garden, Homes For Bugs and local community workshops).

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Ethical Business Insurance

We are proud to partner the award-winning Evergreen Insurance. If you renew your insurance policies using telephone number 020 3372 2160, they will donate 10% of their commission to the wonderful wildlife charity: Butterfly Conservation (This will rise to 25% by year 3).

Digital, Label and Packaging Printing

We are pleased to enjoy a close partnership with award-winning Midland Regional Printers. This is a family run business that started in 1969 and has firmly established itself as a major player in the national printing market, whilst genuinely caring about the environment. MRP will be at the heart of the Business4Nature network in terms of satisfying professional digital print, label and packaging requirements.

New Dawn Landscapes In Association with Meadow In My Garden

New Dawn is a new-start venture which will be fully operational in time for early Spring 2020, specialising in wildlife-friendly commercial grounds maintenance and serving Birmingham and The Black Country. If you are reviewing arrangements regarding the maintenance of your commercial grounds, contact us now in order to obtain a free no-obligation quotation. Meadow In My Garden supplies a range of wildflower seeds that provide long-flowering displays for your staff and visitors to enjoy, as well as food sources for your local bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Green Careers - Birmingham

This is another new-start that will be fully operational during early 2020. Green Careers has developed a unique way of strengthening the green-economy whilst linking candidates and green employers across the city of Birmingham.

So! Don't be part of the problem:

Benefit from being part of the solution!

Become a Business4Nature!

If you share our vision of business, community and nature being together for a better world then contact us now to receive more information about our Business4Nature packages.

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