It's a basic human instinct; to protect what we love. But what if we are unable to do that?

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Perhaps, one morning, we walk out over the land that we cherish so much; the land that represents our sanctuary; the land that gives us a free mind; the land that gives us space and freedom to explore our inner thoughts; the land that helps us find peace and solutions; the land that provides a bounty of natural wonders; the land that brings warm friendly conversation from the locals; the land that brings health and wellbeing, from its fresh air to the stress-busting magical powers that it possesses.

As we walk and recharge, we notice a document fixed to a gate post. As we get nearer we hope that it's another polite notice to respect this sacred land, but, as we approach, it looks more formal. Our heart skips a beat as we read "Planning Application Ref: 14852......."

Meanwhile, beyond the horizon, a family, whose roots in the Amazon rainforest stretch back thousands of years, are about to start another day of action, trying to protect the land that they love from the corporate "machine". They are in tune with the forest and they know how to live in balance with the web of life around them. Their indiginous knowledge makes them "Cura Da Terra": the Cure of the Earth.

Whilst over 3,000 square miles of Brazilian rainforest vanishes in a year, the United Kingdom languishes near the bottom of the world rankings in terms of how well it is looking after the life systems upon which we are all part and upon which we all rely. 

We can see the writing on the wall, but are we aware that we have the power to create an epic story?

Why fight our own splintered battles, when we can stand together and use the love that binds us to protect all that we love?

If the world rose to stand by the "Cura Da Terra" then the bulldozers would be halted. If the great British public got behind the communities who are protecting what they love, then pretty soon all that we love will be protected.

So come on everyone! Let's share the love and then use the love that binds us to create a better world. 



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