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Join us on Twitter between 7pm and 9pm BST on Saturday 29th May 2021 to get the #StateofNature hashtag trending as we all share why the state of nature is important to us.

Thank you so much for finding your way to this blog post. How you engage with this page and whether you take part in the Twitter Storm event will probably depend on your level of understanding regarding the state of British nature. 

If you know very little about the topic or its importance, you may well feel like you want to stop reading now and leave the page, but then you might never know how the state of nature affects you and all of your loved ones in a very big and important way.

But before we get to that bit, you might need to know what a Twitter Storm is, how we can manage to create one together and how creating one can help the British people.

A Twitter Storm is a sudden and significant increase in activity surrounding a certain topic on Twitter, often associated with a certain hashtag.

So, how can we create a Twitter Storm together? There are two key ingredients required; passion and teamwork! If we all use the #StateofNature hashtag between 7pm and 9pm on Saturday 29th May 2021, then that will start a huge conversation which will encourage others to get involved using the same hashtag. Once we have created a significant spike in usage of the #StateofNature hashtag by working together; the storm will begin!IMG E4338 min

OK, so how can we help the British people by working together and creating a Twitter storm? Well it's as simple as this really; every time we need to breathe, eat and even earn our money, we rely on the rest of the beautiful natural world to look after our needs. Nature even maintains our mental health and wellbeing; it's what people have turned to during lock-downs and it's where we retreat to get away from the noise, problems and pressures. When we absorb ourselves in the rest of nature, we find balance and solutions, because we have been part of it for the last 200,000 years as homo sapiens and millions of years before that as our ancestors!

So, the state of nature is important to us all, and yet it may come as a surprise to you that the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries on earth and we are in the midst of an ecological crisis; the very life systems that support us are collapsing. The topic of the state of nature is therefore hugely important to the British people. If you and us and lots of other people start a conversation on twitter using the #StateofNature hashtag in our tweets between 7pm and 9pm this Saturday, then we will reach others and as they join the conversation, we will create a Twitter Storm. If we all do that; the hashtag will trend and many more people will explore the hashtag and join the conversation.

So here is what we are asking you to do before the Twitter Storm:

1. Invite your twitter followers to join the Tweet Storm between 7pm and 9pm this Saturday 29th May 2021, using the above banner and link to this blog.

2. Think about why the state of nature is important to you and start conversations with your family, friends and work-mates to explore the topic. If anyone feels powerless and unable to do anything to help improve the State of Nature, ask them to join the Twitter Storm. Team4Nature, other organisations and individuals like you will be sharing what people can do to make a difference; like signing and sharing the State of Nature petition (to get those in power fully bound by law to restore nature) or performing 100 actions for nature to help nature recover in your neighbourhood.

Here is what we are asking you to do between 7pm and 9pm on this coming Saturday 29th May 2021:

1. Tell your followers why the #StateofNature is important to you, using the hashtag. Use a different tweet to explain each reason and remember to include the #StateofNature hashtag in every tweet.

2. After telling your followers why the #StateofNature is important to you ask them to consider signing and sharing the #StateofNature petition.

3. Share the good work that is happening in the UK which is helping to restore British nature using the #StateofNature hashtag. This coulWCL Orgsd be something that one of the UK wildlife charities are doing or it could be work being carried out by a local community group in your area. We want to use the #StateofNature hashtag to share the solutions as well as the problem during an event filled with hope for positive change.

4. Remember, issuing more tweets that include the #StateofNature during the event will increase the chances of creating a storm and the hashtag trending, but please make your tweets varied and interesting, using relevant links and try not to issue too many in a short space of time. The aim is to engage your followers rather than upset them. We will be providing a range of tweets for you to use and they will appear here before noon this Saturday so that you can prepare for the event.

Remember also, that you will not be on your own during the event! There will be many others out there taking part, as well as wildlife charities (including the wonderful bunch that created the State of Nature petition and campaign).

Just in case you heard the government recently announce a promise to "halt the decline of nature" and are wondering why we still need a tweetstorm; well previous governments have made similar promises and failed abysmally. Actions are needed now, not words, before it's too late! Saturday's event presents an opportunity to raise a massive voice that shows just how much we all care about British nature to ensure that any legislation has teeth and that promises are not broken.

People-power can restore British nature for the good of all, but we really do need you to help make that happen.

We hope to see you, your family, friends and work-mates in the storm and thank you for taking the time to understand and maybe share this important topic.

To all of our followers and supporters; we salute you! You are an amazing force for good. Together you have helped save many sites across the country and secured hundreds of thousands of pounds by voting for wildlife charities and conservation projects. Now let's work together again in order to protect the whole of British nature. We can't wait to see you in the storm!

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