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Why is nature so important to human beings?

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During live talks, we have asked our audiences a critical question: Why is nature so important to human beings?

Surprisingly, people have found it extremely hard to answer this fundamental question.

So we put the same question out on social media, and guess what happened? It went viral and the responses came flooding in!

Whilst you enjoy and absorb the answers that were provided on Twitter, please help us understand what's going on.

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The People's #100Actions4Nature: a Response to the State of Nature Report 2019


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At 7pm on Thursday 3rd October 2019, the latest State of Nature Report was launched on Channel 4 News. Team4Nature was born out of the sad findings from The State of Nature Report 2013. Six years later, we are filled with hope. Here was a major news broadcaster, sharing the findings of this report in detail with a mass audience at prime time. John Snow was actually in a barn, interviewing people about #ExtinctionBritain!

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The People's #100Actions4Nature Tweetstorm

100 Actions 4 Nature Tweetstorm

In association with:

Midland Regional Printers

MRP 2014

Teamwork created The People’s #100Actions4Nature in response to the State of Nature Report 2019. Now it’s time for the people to come together again, on Sunday 27th October 2019 between 7pm and 9pm GMT, to share these actions and inspire more people to help restore UK nature.

We warmly invite you to join us on Twitter between those times and issue the following 100 tweets to your followers. Feel free to use and share the above banner to raise awareness of the online event.

If enough of us work together on Sunday, as a Team4Nature, there is a great chance that the #100Actions4Nature hashtag will trend on Twitter, getting our positive messages out to a massive audience.

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