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Those of you that follow Team4Nature on Twitter will already have experienced the power of teamwork, whilst creating positive change together. Thank you for being part of an online team that has helped many petitions and campaigns succeed, whilst also helping to land over £100,000 in prize money for wildlife projects across the UK.

By joining us as a member of the Team4Nature Supporters Club, we can create more positive change together. Membership is free and offers the following benefits:

  • You can nominate the nature campaigns and petitions that are close to your heart for Team4Nature to consider supporting.
  • You will receive newsletters, providing details of campaigns and petitions to support. By working as a team, our membership will be able to increase the chances of these actions succeeding.
  • 10% of Team4Nature annual profits will be awarded to nature projects. As a member of the Team4Nature Supporters Club, you will be able to vote for your favourite nominations.
  • You will be eligible to complete online surveys and questionnaires that help to shape Team4Nature future policies and activities.
  • You will be eligible to receive discount codes for use in our eco-store or your local Team4Nature network as well as concessions on ticket prices for our local and national events


We are passionate about creating positive change. Our Team4Nature Supporters Club provides an opportunity for you to play an active and important part in that process. To join, simply contact us today to request a membership form.

Whilst you are here, we would like to introduce you to our partners and friends. Please support them where you can, because they share our passion and vision.

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If your organisation would like to partner or become a friend of Team4Nature, then please contact us so that we can work together for a better world!

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