The Power of Gardening

If you appreciate the Power of Nature, and are aware of the Challenge, then it’s time to discover the power of gardening!

In the UK, around 27 million of us get involved in gardening. This provides a huge opportunity to help UK wildlife!

Making space for nature adds an exciting extra dimension to your garden. You will be rewarded with a fascinating range of wild visitors and will gain satisfaction from the fact that you are doing your bit to protect nature in your local area, for the good of all.


Team4Nature is working with local and UK partners to:

  • Get even more people gardening!
  • Get more people thinking about wildlife, whilst they are gardening,
  • Get more garden centres, nurseries and landscape gardeners raising awareness of wildlife gardening with their clients and customers.

Getting more people thinking about wildlife in their gardens will naturally produce a greater number of purist wildlife gardeners who go on to become active wildlife conservationists. Together, we can certainly all rise to the challenge and help to restore nature, one garden at a time!


If you are part of an allotment association or society, gardening club or other community group that gets involved in gardening, please register with us here.

If you or your organisation uses gardening for therapeutic purposes, please register with us here.

If you have been inspired to create a wildlife garden, we have compiled a list of links that provides ideas, resources and tips to help you on your exciting journey of discovery:

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