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During live talks, we have asked our audiences a critical question: Why is nature so important to human beings?

Surprisingly, people have found it extremely hard to answer this fundamental question.

So we put the same question out on social media, and guess what happened? It went viral and the responses came flooding in!

We have created an infographic that summarises the responses received:


Whilst you enjoy and absorb the answers that were provided on Twitter, please help us understand what's going on.

We believe that, because we are part of nature and it's all around us, we take it forgranted. So when asked "why is nature so important to human beings?" without time to consider the question, people find it hard to answer. However, providing time to reflect on the question, allows deep, varied and certainly meaningful responses to flow in.

Once again, this exercise shows the power of teamwork. Just look at the sheer number of responses that we have received. In fact, symbolically we stopped recording responses after receiving 201 responses. Our aim was to record 200, but quite frankly, if we had kept raising awareness of the question, we would have continued to receive a seemingly endless flow of responses!

Feel free to feed back your thoughts regarding this matter by tweeting us or contacting us by email.

Our aim is to use this exercise to help us understand the best ways to express the importance of nature, in order to mobilise people. One thing is for sure. People do have very deep and personal reasons for considering nature to be important.

A tweetstorm is taking place on 1st January 2020, 7pm-9pm GMT. Please get all of your family and friends to use the hashtag #WhyNatureIsImportant on Twitter between those times on New Years Day. Together we can get the hashtag trending globally! To join the campaign team, simply tweet or direct message us on Twitter. Feel free to use and share this banner to raise awareness of the online event:

WhyNatureIsImportant Tweetstorm

Massive thanks to everyone that shared their views as to why nature is so important to human beings:

  1. On a personal level, nature gives me a sense of peace and wellbeing. An escape from the rat race and a calming influence on the soul. I never cease to be amazed at what nature has to offer. @stevelilart
  2. We are nature, nature is us. @Shr0pshirelassy
  3. Nature is us, it's everything around us & without it we're nothing at all. The natural world is why I get up in the morning & why I live the way I do, as a vegan with a garden full of flowers who loves our poor planet. @elliebus
  4. We are nature, we are animals. If we overstep our boundaries, nature will put us back in our place, despite our best efforts to overcome that @BlackburnTidy
  5. Its life. Without it, we don’t exist. @AlexandracfPB
  6. Utterly absorbing & definitely therapeutic. People in my local park that visit each day to feed the ducks say it keeps them sane. @CondelynneLynne
  7. For me, I think nature is healing for mental health conditions and trauma. Also, blue and green spaces, and sounds of nature are evidenced to impact positively on mood and well-being. Even a 5 minute walk makes a difference to health. Which I am off to do now… @jlhallwriter
  8. Everything we have, the "stuff" comes from nature, manufactured, from our natural resources. The health and availability of all that we eat comes from nature. The clean water and air is dependent on nature. The Natural environment is our only life support. @ShannBeverley
  9. Nature is... That is All @CavendishLucy
  10. On a bad day it's wonderful to go for a walk and escape from it all @HCM421
  11. Because Nature is the truth! Humans can be false! @mamachildie
  12. So the human beings can reflect on: Why are human beings so important to Nature? @2troie
  13. Imagine waking up every day on the moon, a colourless barren landscape. With nature comes colour, life and a multitude of exhilarating experiences some may only see once in a lifetime. @pilts1974
  14. Without nature we wouldn't live, but of course that doesn't seem to register with some folks, they are intent in destroying the nature we have @guyofwarwick1
  15. Nature is happiness in a very elemental way. @CateMS111
  16. Is there anyone here who was born in the space? Not yet. Because we are all from the nature! @Karinka52676095
  17. Good for your mental health! @searleyandrew
  18. It heals the soul @Deeshomemanage
  19. Nature brings us a sense of connection, belonging; we are part of nature. It is predictable and reliable (to a certain extent) and brings us a sense of calm. @NurtureForest
  20. Nature: - exquisitely beautiful, awesomely mysterious, microscopically complex, pulsating with the love and life of the Maker and sustainer of the Universe:- Jesus Christ. @Bindweed Art
  21. Peace, tranquillity and living creatures who at times interact with you, but ask nothing of you, except maybe a little seed @scrappinrappin
  22. Because we are part of nature. @JoannaBergerMSc
  23. Nature reminds us that humankind is part of a bigger picture. It’s not all about us as individuals. Observing the natural world reminds us how amazing this planet is and how we have a role to play to keep it that way. @jaybee20171
  24. The best things in life are free ; nature is all the proof we need... @JaneG223
  25. Because it keeps us connected to our roots, when we were so reliant on its seasons and bounty for survival. Happening again, but only because of our misuse of the natural world. @jerbillwheel
  26. Personally nature brings me inner joy! i dont know whether that sounds daft but if i have had a bad day or not just to watch the swifts, sparrows or bee's buzzing around just lifts the cloud of despair. And dont start me on pond watching! i reckon i should have been a newt @Taff_Towers
  27. Because without it the human race would not survive and it is in the main, beautiful. @AngelaSherwin1
  28. We owe a huge Debt of Gratitude to nature for all the Resources it gives us and the sense of wellbeing when immersed in it Everybody needs to help it whenever they can and Appreciate and Respect it @Kizzyloves
  29. Nature is natural, how we live now is not. We are part of nature, the more we drift from it the less human we become. @Simonparkerwild
  30. It is more about what happens if I don't get my fixes of nature. then I feel down and cheated. Observing garden birds daily is wonderful but need to get out and see countryside and trees especially @cm_bagot
  31. The world is at peace when you work with nature rather than against it, it recharges your battery’s and gives you inner peace, to me there is nothing more than relaxing than listening to our wonderful natural world @lisass771
  32. See how long you can hold your breath. How long before you are thirsty or hungry? And how long could you live without a soul? We all need to stop asking what nature can do for us. Ask what we can do for nature @Sharonxmartin
  33. We cannot exist without it ... @LindaPluchard
  34. It provides a distraction. A walk out in nature distracts from problems. A sensory delight of sound, sights and smells @beztenfifty6
  35. Without nature be no us @miniaussiejax
  36. Food and pollination; beauty and fascination; well-being and relaxation.... it’s a vital part of our fragile world and we have a huge responsibility towards it @pollygilbert
  37. It is a feast for our senses, touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. Spending time with nature in all its forms enhances our well-being physically,mentally and spiritually @Szalix
  38. We are nature and we are of nature. It sustains us and helps to make us whole. If we do nothing to keep this planet alive, then we lose all that we are and all we've been given. Every species we lose is a horrible reflection on our stewardship of this earth and ourselves. @LMNaymik
  39. Recently discovered that according to Amerindian trad. I'm a member of the Turtle Clan who love water & indeed, all my life, ambling amongst nature especially by water or allowing my troubles to drift out with the tide; I've found to be a soothing & healing balm for my 'spirit'. @PoppyMeze
  40. Because we are nature, simple really, to think that is hard to answer shows how out of touch we are as a race....Just saying. @SimChess
  41. Nature brings a sense of peace and tranquility and on occasion wonderment. Sounds, smells,beauty can lift the spirits and amaze...take off those wretched headphones and absorb yourselves in the glorious thing that is Nature.. @ArtyKoala
  42. Because you can see animals as Nature meant them to be FREE & aside from the beauty of the Landscapes you can BREATH @big_catsf
  43. Without nature we are nothing. We are the least important living thing. We rely on plants, the sea, the insects, for balance, for food, for water, for oxygen, for our wellbeing and mental health. They do not rely on us for anything, and I am thankful for all nature gives. @ladybillett
  44. It makes me feel restored and wholly alive in the now, especially if my feet are bare @JackumBrown
  45. Nature is the perfect distraction away from the drivel a lot of human beings find themselves caught up in e.g. mindless consumerism, the 9 to 5 rat race etc etc @crazydruid
  46. Mankind and the environment are interdependent, they will always co-exist. One can't be without the other, and what more could be said to emphasize this point more @GangurdeGeeta
  47. Because it is where we originated, we come from the seas & then from the forests which is why we go back so frequently, we all get healthier if we inhale fresh air rather than fumes, we do not need to eat things flown in from all over the world, locally grown food is better 4 us! @RichardOwenVint
  48. It's utterly calming... @VictoriaWoolfe
  49. Because it is important in its own right. @saradp
  50. It was there first, and it will be there when we have all gone. It is the one constant. @Scent_Trail
  51. Freedom, a chance to reconnect with myself & with our world. Makes me feel lighter, happier, more at peace. @SpeareRuth
  52. Nature grounds us, calms us,nurtures us and allows us to see we are but a small piece in a much bigger world ... just a speck in natures world @cfssci
  53. It's important to us because it is us. We are part of nature. @SilentSpaace
  54. Because nature helps us to forget our worries whilst having a lovely time @meanwhilegdns
  55. We are a part of nature, and live within nature. There is nowhere else. I also value parts of nature that are wild and not human. They are different from us and related at the same time. @KathleenPalti
  56. nature gives me peace and appreciate the other things that live within our world @mounthousesally
  57. Nature nurtures, nourishes and nurses all forms of life from microscopic to complex human beings... @MGautam_H
  58. Being outdoors allows time for reflection, for prioritisation as a holistic activity. It allows you to filter out the frass and focus on reality. Being in nature allows you to recharge, to reconnect, to gain perspective. It levels the playing field and provides the foundation. @ianrobinson271
  59. The sounds of birds and animals and life enriching smells of trees, grasses and flowers The flow of rivers and lapping streams abundant with life. What could ever take their place? @JaneJanehomer
  60. It’s my Xanax @belikeli
  61. Nature makes us realise we are not as important as we think we are. @carolinelufc
  62. Because much as we like to pretend otherwise, we are part of Nature. No more, no less. @voidthatbinds
  63. Green therapy, nature is magic, nature is life, life is amazing, we learn from nature, many things designed around things in the natural world, plants are amazing, many many more things but will stop there @lizgabeth
  64. Apart from the obvious, that we’re part of nature itself, there’s the therapeutic, calming, health giving uplift we get, from being immersed in the beauty and peace of the natural world. @ecolitical
  65. There's also a bunch of work on values and how people depend on nature. I found even people who wouldn't admit it were deeply tied to the nature of places they knew well - identity, responsibility, tradition, personal and social relationships., clean water, things to observe and play with, sense of place, connection to other beings, connections with friends and colleagues, space and perspective, joy ;) @RangerNutkin
  66. Without nature we die! @smiffysnapper
  67. Nature is life,it provides plenty of services to us. Without nature we have got no life.nature should be well preserved for the benefit of us and the future generations to come.Appreciation of nature gives us good quality of H2o/Air and favourable weather conditions. Nature is life @dextermureka
  68. Because it's beautiful and should remind us we don't own this planet we should be honoured to be allowed to live on it as the lower species @Sandie10Burris
  69. Nature grounds us. Makes us stop what we are doing & enjoy the moment. Sitting upstairs in bed listening to bird song and watching blue tits and goldfinches in the tree next to the window. Garden full of all sorts of colour. Just being - not doing! @rosharper1
  70. I think this question gets at the fundamental misconception which produced the @Natures_Voice unhelpful 'Giving nature a home' slogan... without nature we are nothing and life would be seven different types of hell @BuffDavis
  71. Nature is imp to me because it’s a place I love to destress,I see all kind of animals,creepy crawlies,birds,butterflies,hedgehogs etc, EVERYTHING!! But more importantly,Nature needs to be flourish and grow, each little creature big or small rely on each other @lynne_mckenzie
  72. Nature is eternal, everything symbiotic, all works together humans are none of these. Watching the ponds and the wildlife calms me. walking through the trees exercises me and I don't need any inhaler puffs, hearing the different creatures and seeing different plants rests my eyes, spotting different creatures and observing them is fascinating @ldwgf
  73. We need to connect to reality, feel part of something bigger - the ecosystem. Our mental health suffers when we don’t. @burtlebird
  74. Albeit not widely agreed with, Ecosystem services sum up why nature is important to humans. @gardenbirder1
  75. It nurtures our spiritual dimension. @rosemarie_kelly
  76. Because it is the force that powers us and everything around us. Therefore, we are nature. @amatuzun
  77. Our senses developed, over millenia, in response to nature: our ears to hear the sea lapping on the shore, our eyes to see the green of healthy trees and the red of sweet edible fruits, our noses to detect flowers, fruit, and other creatures. In nature, we are home. @lizmallard
  78. It brings a calmness and connects us to our surroundings @houdiniem
  79. Because we are part of nature @SuColeman
  80. Our survival depends on it and it's beautiful. @EdibleMel
  81. We are intrinsically linked with nature without it we wouldn't exist ultimately we can't control it. Nature is part of this planet and it has supported human beings to become what we are now, it sustain us and the other creatures who live on earth and should be respected. @kphilchris
  82. We need Nature for food, water, to regulate the air that we breathe, to control water levels, to keep us sane, even for all the raw materials that underpin our lives. Nature isn’t important to Man, it’s essential. We are a species too - and we may be endangered. @water_meadow
  83. Without nature we would no longer exist, insects and birds pollinate plants bringing us foods and beautiful flowers and trees we can look at and it gives wildlife homes. it also helps oxygenate our air. @sharonbabes1
  84. Absolutely vital for mental health. Taking a walk in nature for half an hour each day is as good as anti-depressants (my GP said this, I had a bad reaction to anti-depressants!). @Hedgewitch66
  85. Nature Alone Heals- Florence Nightingale. @TheNatureNurse
  86. Put simply, we would not exist without it. @ColeyArtAstro
  87. Nature is vital, it has not only inspired humans centuries but brought pleasure, tranquillity & sense to an ever frustration world. Respect Earth, show tolerance and understanding to all animals. @Melis72Cares
  88. Just viewing images of nature evokes a sense of calm and peace. When outdoors it is intensified and one can feel the life of water, trees, plants and animals it is rejuvenating to us in a deep meaningful way. Maybe it’s because we are all connected as earthlings, we are family. @jewelsfrazier68
  89. Many reasons: For feel good & functioning well - sys review: Here's a 1000 good things in nature: As a connection to nature explains pro-nature behaviour: As humans are part of nature @findingnature
  90. Nature grounds me. It also gives me a feeling of wonder. Without it we wouldn’t be here, no food to eat and not much other than ourselves to keep us company. @joboxer12
  91. Nature is at the root of our existence. We live within it and dissolve back into it when we die. It is more intricate and exquisite the closer we look, and no matter how much we don't look, its fate determines our destiny. @NaturalWorld
  92. Without nature’s wellbeing we are without human wellbeing @HNEscapesCIC
  93. For us nothing heals like being out in nature, we both have ptsd, nothing helps more than watching, seeing & respecting it. Yes we definitely need to do more to protect & preserve it. Nature is precious in every sense. Our survival depends on it! @G_T_Photography
  94. Human IS nature. Our limbs organs skin bones eyes thoughts feelings IS us.. ONE ..oh this headache @ReiiMiir
  95. Nature sustains our whole lives, without every aspect we could not and would not exist. On a more personal level, to be surrounded by nature is happiness itself @EmmaHoShing
  96. Humankind needs a connection to survive in this vast Universe; this connection is Nature. Simply put without it we are lost. The birds the bees. The trees we lean on. The flowers are Earth's fragrance. Our breath of fresh air the mountains the rivers the oceans. @CherScheff
  97. Utterly fascinating and inspiring. Foraging wild food. Professional biological research. Providing clean air and water. Providing ecosystem for crops, I.e. food security, soil, water, pollination services. Decomposers that clean away human rubbish, fungi, bacteria etc. providing a climate which is good for humans. mental wellbeing @LewistheSnail
  98. We need nature to connect us back with something bigger than ourselves. It helps bring us peace in times of stress. It helps us evaluate, and makes us understand how insignificant we are as individuals compared with great outdoors @loufarrar01
  99. Humans have outlived their usefulness on this earth. We are only taking. A small minority is not enough to save it. I prefer a quiet place with no people. A city swarming with people is an anathema to me. A child born into this world is not special. An endangered animal or a rare insect or plant is. They cannot be replaced. Humans replace themselves every few minutes @The1980rules
  100. Nature is essential to our lives. We are part of it. We are born, grow and live with it. Therefore, its importance is the main reason why we should appreciate and protect it. Just as we care about ourselves, we must take care of nature as well. @bathorjaadelina
  101. It calms me and makes me feel connected to the whole of life on the planet. It gives inspiration and a sense of wonder. @lindaStarfish
  102. i think the phrase "mother" nature is no accident @NeilJamesHarvey
  103. Wellbeing @Sprokitt
  104. It's been part of my life since I moved to a post war council estate out in the countryside, I then moved to a career in dairy/arable agriculture, & still relief milking, wouldn't change a thing. @Stevemills1953
  105. Nature came b4 us nature is beautiful often awe inspiring and it would be a sad old grey world without it, Nature rocks @Georgie_g_
  106. Nature is part of who I am. If I'm out in a natural environment then it feels like I'm in the right place, where I should be. @Dr_summer
  107. We are part of nature although many of us forget @greatbandshere
  108. We should go Hand in Hand with Nature, we both would not survive without the other. @DavidjBeare2
  109. We stand on the earth, we look at the sky, we breath the air, we smell the flowers and the sea, we hear a blackbird sing, we feel alive. @carol_falaki
  110. Because without it we are diminished as a species @ScotcAvfc
  111. Without the Natural world, humans would die out. In fact the one thing that would guarantee the Natural Worlds' survival is the demise of the human race. But I guess that's a little extreme @fo5tered
  112. It's because we ourselves are a part of nature. Despite all our foolish efforts to convince ourselves we are something else, we are animals no different than any other. Nature is our home, our environment, we are inextricably linked to it and we NEED it for our very survival. @LadyMaji
  113. Nature places no demands on you or your time, slowing down to sit/stand/walk immediately calms you. It is also resilient, no matter how we try to tame it, it will always come back long after we have gone. @morethanmum
  114. It helps my anxiety. Nature makes me feel calm & reminds me to be mindful of the world around me through engaging all of the senses. It allows me to just be. @SarasWorld10
  115. Without it you just have concrete and litter @Hopeforfreedom2
  116. It makes me feel I belong somewhere in a world that increasingly feels alien to me. Being on my own in the natural world gives me contentment, joy and a feeling of calm. @RobertaBirder
  117. PS fresh air oxygen beauty @SITselect
  118. Fresh air; peace, no humans; we need nature & wild areas to support bio diversity; it is important to wildlife - humans come second @lizziwalt
  119. Aside from the selfish/self-preservation issues, need ask what right do we have to needlessly destroy something that's taken millions of years to perfect a non-destructive, self-perpetuating life (mostly) in harmony with everything else? @garubythroat
  120. Because we ARE nature. Life is one thing, not many. @rogerrryates
  121. We are inherently a part of the whole. We are the only species that doesn’t actively provide for the ecosystem, instead we take from it but without nature, we’ll be the 6th mass extinction. @Millipuss1
  122. We are an interconnected web of life - without any part of it we are diminished. As David Attenborough put it recently regarding other animals, we should all remember that we've no more right to be here than they have. @KMacgilchrist
  123. It is a system of which we are part of it. It is important to learn how to co-exist with it. Disturbance or interfering with how it works, only leads to negative consequences. @chiragithinji
  124. Renewal & connection @ishayantra
  125. Without nature there will be no humans - that’s quite important. @CpeAnn
  126. We are all part of the same life on this planet @cricketbiddy
  127. Nature rejuvenates us by raising our spirits. It provides re-creation and refreshment. It makes us feel accepted: it’s non-judgemental. All the antagonism we (can) feel among people just melts away. @LittleKPQuotes
  128. It’s BEAUTIFUL LIFE, we need it to feel better. ALL OF IT. @Kimberl14853040
  129. If we didn’t have nature there will be no us, nothing, nada. @yellowberry98
  130. Because nature means life!! @Carozo57035065
  131. No nature no humans. @RopewalkG
  132. For our health and wellbeing. To disconnect, re-focus, recharge- for resiliency in a crazy world!! @tarathrnt
  133. It's our life support. Without nature we die. @veteco
  134. Because we are a part of nature. We have been granted with a large, complicated brain that has, over the years, only taken our species into account. Thus the planet is in danger. Without us life would still go on but without everything else we would become extinct. @JennerBetty
  135. Nature has, at one point or other, provided us with everything we ever needed - food, shelter, medicine, and now, more than ever, with a sense of well-being. Without it, we are dead. @TycjanC
  136. We have so much to learn from Nature @Michael041247
  137. Nature is important to me for my mental health and stability @JulieMi62826581
  138. Food and clean water, social interactions, priceless (and free) ecosystem services @yoannlemain
  139. We are part of nature if you look at a jigsaw puzzle and a piece is missing then the picture doesn't work the same with nature something gets taken out and something else with supper and will not work @James03418107
  140. To be at one with nature is what we all need, it is beautiful and healing but also fragile so we must respect nature and all its inhabitants. @sheilad58
  141. It surrounds us, and we belong to nature. @KevindMcIntosh
  142. Humanity is part of nature, although some feel attracted to the manmade environment @Michael57229696
  143. el mar, la tierra para cultivar, el aire para respirar. Llegará el momento, que estará tan contaminado que no lo podremos usar y llegará nuestra muerte. Translates to: the sea, the land to cultivate, the air to breathe. The time will come, it will be so contaminated that we cannot use it and our death will come. @gladysester66
  144. Porque la naturaleza es importante? Porque de ella dependemos y nuestra obligación es protegerla, no acabarla. Translates to: Why is nature important? Because we depend on it and our obligation is to protect it, not end it. @kiddo_13
  145. The evidence base is developing. Medical research in Japan suggests lowering of cortisol, equalisation of systolic blood pressure, boosts parasympathetic nervous system and more. I am running Research in Scotland looking at what is IN trees that does this! Happy to share @NatureTherapyC1
  146. Apart from the pleasure it brings we’d all be dead without It.! @alannjet
  147. It's one of the few things that reduces my anxiety and makes me feel peaceful. @clarehurd
  148. We are only one, and the least important and most destructive, part of what keeps the Earth going. Even in the heart of Inner London I have to breathe the trees and watch the birds, bees etc bravely struggling to keep going. @60isnew18
  149. Nature is important because it connects us with the essence of who we are. Nature teaches us to be present and mindful. It calls on us to care about the environment, to be kind and take responsibility for it’s preservation and survival. @thechangeisyou1
  150. @LucyGough5
  151. Because nature gives us everything we need and more besides we will all perish without her @MaryJeanUK
  152. Getting back to reality, just being part of it, old geezer with a camera! @hermit82857782
  153. Nature provides food, water and oxygen. It's also incredibly enjoyable to watch the goings on of a healthy ecosystem. Without a healthy natural world the human race won't survive. @bustaseed1
  154. It's a vital and cyclical relationship. Being outdoors in nature makes us look outwards and see the inter-connectivity between all living things, which in turn makes us think about our own beliefs and actions, and how we interact with the world, in a different way. @DaydreamerAndi
  155. Nature needs to be preserved for humans AND the animals & plants that live there. With mankind spreading out into animal habitat, more species are endangered or become extinct every week. Americans have national parks & reserves to enjoy. We are lucky for these. @gbcreque
  156. Nature is everything, because without it, there is nothing. Nature is the source, and the basis, of all life. We need her to survive. Beyond that, for me, nature is my greatest source of comfort, safety, groundedness, and emotional sustenance. @InconvenientTh1
  157. Nature has peace about her, i tend to go to her to escape humans. its true @JaneG032
  158. Nature is important to us because it’s the environment we should living in humans living in cities are not ideal @lisanoel1968
  159. Nature is so important - from a selfish point of view as a human it relaxes people's minds, it makes people happy. From a world point of view everything has a right to grow, live and survive on this planet otherwise it wouldn't be here and everything has a job to do in its life @Bobbyloo89
  160. It IS extremely important. Keeps us in touch with the Creator-whether you are a believer or not @marjori06880886
  161. Sometimes you just can’t put it into words - it’s more of a feeling @YYonnette
  162. Because it is our larger self. We are part of it. When we are out in the natural world we are home. @BoeFox
  163. Apart from the fact that we are part of nature (not separate from it); physiologically we depend on plants, bacteria, good quality air, etc.; plus to live well, we need good ecological systems, environment & climate; plus psychologically, access to “nature” helps with mental well-being. @qolfabook
  164. Only have to watch the film Silent Running to be reminded @celiafleur
  165. It’s the beautiful home of wildlife, which gives me so much pleasure on country walks. The amazing sight of beautiful landscapes, the sounds of birds singing and the beautiful flowers and trees. We must respect and look after nature. @anne_collins72
  166. Because it's the normal, and all the crap that humans get up to isn't. @IfiwereQueen
  167. Depressingly nature is not important enough to a large number of people. For me though it is important to my mental well-being. @mflack66
  168. It gives us life and a reason to live. @anitagill_gill
  169. Nature provides instant stress release and a playground for curious minds that feeds the soul and opens our hearts. @francesmacguire
  170. Perché la natura è anche dentro di noi, e averne paura, danneggiarla e rifiutarla significa autodistruggerci. Translates to: Because nature is also within us, and being afraid of it, damaging it and rejecting it means destroying ourselves. @Quiqueg5
  171. Because without it we are lost. @Lou_1203
  172. We are nature We are part of it whether we recognise it or not When we harm it we harm ourselves If we turn our back on it we are not complete @CharthamForest
  173. It frees your senses @ladybug946
  174. Nature is our sustenance. I can’t imagine a life without it. @conkers74
  175. Time spent in Nature allows me to contemplate my tiny role in a vast and incredibly diverse ecosystem. Its beauty and complexity are fragile yet resilient, and we are just beginning to understand the meaning of reciprocity. Time in nature gives me hope. @jkinneberg
  176. There is nothing without it. Bird song babbling streams buzzing bees wind blowing grass all too beautiful to loose @Karenbroderick6
  177. Because it is where we live! That's why nature is so IMPORTANT...WE ARE NATURE @theheatherblack
  178. It is the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. We are part of nature, and nature is part of us. @bigfeline
  179. It is where we come from. We are part of nature. @PolishBaroness
  180. In all honesty nature is the reason I am still here....atm I’m feeding a family of crows ...two adults and 4....yes 4 babies ....without nature we cannot survive...I will fight for nature till the day I die @madfan72
  181. Outer nature is important/essential to human beings because it's inseparable from our inner nature. Earth, water, fire, air, and space. All living things, our family, share these building blocks of the cosmos. When we harm nature, we harm ourselves and everyone else. Conversely when we protect nature, we protect all living things, including us. If more people recognized, learned, and lived this reality, we'd be in far better shape. When we adopt such realization, future generations will be protected from current ignorance. @EcoNewsNetwork1
  182. We're only one type of creature sharing our planet with everything else that makes up the natural world. We should respect and nurture nature and enjoy and appreciate it every day. @LadySG
  183. Natures' past, present and future is bigger than the human race yet we have a steward role protecting that past, present and future for posterity. It’s a precious, awe inspiring gift that keeps on giving. @PegHolmberg
  184. We are part of nature, it provides us with all the elements to live. And yet we are destroying it’s very existence. @PoppyOurRabbit
  185. The world needs balance to survive and nature provides a part of the balance @AnitaBa50700688
  186. Nature takes you out of your little world and into a bigger more important one. It puts life into perspective. I'm sitting in the shade near Beachy Head listening to skylarks and watching butterflies. There's nothing more I could want. @CarolPa04632521
  187. For me, it's a matter of getting to know the world I live in and who occupies it with me. @barbarastoner
  189. We are part of nature and nature is part of us. Feeling that connection brings multiple benefits to both. @msnewman1001
  190. Because we live, breathe and need nature. We are it and are nothing without it. @Sussex_Sara
  191. We live on Earth. If everything else dies we will too. Plus the absolute joy of discovering penguins will fight to protect other penguin babies of a different species. @SquidClaude
  192. Because human beings are nature @JoannaCDobson
  193. Nature can live well without humans but what human would find life worth living without nature? Food for the soul. @Spellitout007
  194. Being in nature speaks to my genetic memory. I try to be fully aware moment by moment when I’m out in nature. It’s astonishing what we can experience when we’re fully aware. @TheVEGWorcester
  195. Nature is what we are, though we often forget it in the modern world. Communing with nature helps us to connect to our inner selves and see the beauty of life. @FelicityM
  196. Nature helps keep me grounded and connected, it's my escape away from the constant 'noise' of modern life. It makes me feel totally alive and is my happy place enjoying and recording flora & fauna and the seasons with art and photography @B33Photography
  197. It’s because our lives would cease to exist or have meaning without being surrounded by nature. People underestimate how every plant and animal plays a part in maintaining a healthy balance that unfortunately some humans are doing their best to erode. @LouiseFletcher3
  198. People seem to forget that WE are animals, too. We evolved IN nature. It keeps us sane, feeds our spirit and makes us healthier. In the wider sense, without the natural environment we would not have enough food to eat, clean water to drink, or breathable air. It's our home. @BethBBee1
  199. Nature noun the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth. There simply is no us without it. @akkie42
  200. i learned to love nature as a child. Dartmoor always meant freedom to me then and still does. There is something about the natural world that calms the soul. @PhyllisRosemary
  201. Nature is life - past and present. Nature is food, shelter, peace and quiet space for inner contemplation. Nature cannot be replaced by technology. Nature cannot be shoved under the rug. We cannot survive without nature. The time to love all nature - is now. @ForCreekMeadows


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