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Bringing the power of nature deep into daily life for health and wellbeing.

Feeding nature into the city through farming and food.

15th October 2022 018

This project was born from within an active community in Druids Heath, an urban oasis in Oscott ward and two farms that are making local history by restoring nature with us, just outside the city of Birmingham.

We are in the process of bringing together 300 project pioneers from within the city and 300 farms on the city's fringe, but the engine-room of this initiative will be powered by the people that live, work and study in the city.

In 2017 the report "Powerful People, Powerful Places" concluded that nearly a third of the population are "residents with skills, interests and enthusiasm for improving their local environments and communities but without the resources, networks or support to get involved".

The Brum Biosphere aims, through 300 project pioneers, to reach more than 300,000 people over the next 3 years so that, together they can transform the city and its neighbourhoods.

At the same time a super-cluster of 300 farms will come together to restore nature across the countryside surrounding the city and feed it into Brum's network of green and blue corridors to boost the health of the people that live, work and study in Birmingham.

Local nature-friendly produce will be supplied into the city to further boost the health of residents as well as the local economy.

The city's birds and butterflies will feature strongly in the Brum Biosphere. These groups of wildlife act as indicators, showing us how healthy our local neighbourhoods and farmed landscapes are.

We warmly invite you to register your interest in the Brum Biosphere if you are:

  • one of over 300,000 people in Brum that want to make to make a difference to your local environment and community.
  • a representative of one of the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCSFE) organisations that make a massive contributions to the city and lives of its people.
  • a Birmingham children's nursery, school or college
  • a member of the city's business community.
  • interested in joining one of the city's Bird and Butterfly Local Groups that will be formed early next year.
  • interested in joining the Brum Biosphere Farmland Birders Group to help nature recover on your local patch
  • farming in the countryside that surrounds the city or a supplier of goods or services to those farmers.
  • a licensed bird ringer that wants to join a collective that will be working in coordinated fashion for the recovery and welfare of farmland birds around Birmingham.

Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your areas of interest in Brum Biosphere.

Here is the Brum Biosphere project area: 

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