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Team4Nature was created in response to the findings of The State of Nature 2013 Report. We provide the stage for caring and visionary businesses, amazing community groups and passionate individuals to rise together and create thriving neighbourhoods with a bright future. Our Team4Nature local guardians work on the ground to strengthen these exciting networks and find more heroes that possess the qualities necessary to make a difference in their local community:


Team4Nature was born from the State of Nature Reports that revealed the UK as being one of the most nature-depleted countries on earth. After growing an audience of over 115,000 followers on social media we are now in the process of launching networks and projects across the city of Birmingham.

Team4Nature Commercial Grounds Maintenance is a new-start business drawing on the experience and passion of our operations manager, Chris Millward:

“I have over thirty years’ experience in commercial grounds maintenance.

It is now well documented that during that time the UK has become one of the most nature-depleted countries on earth.

I passionately believe that grounds maintenance is more than just an establishment cost. It is a massive opportunity to present commercial premises in a way that makes a powerful statement about the ethos and vision of a client’s business. This approach can also boost the wellbeing of its workforce.

Commercial grounds can become a great asset that contributes to the restoration of British Nature whilst also being a source of creativity, peace, restoration, tranquillity and wellbeing for staff and visitors alike.

Through grounds, that are maintained to a high standard whilst also providing a haven for native flowers, birds, butterflies and other wildlife, a lasting impression can be made. Visitors can get a sense that your company cares and is contributing towards a bright future for all, before they have even signed in at reception!”.


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