The Challenge

The truth is: the natural world is changing and we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it” Sir David Attenborough.

Most scientists agree that we are in the midst of a sixth mass extinction on earth. This latest event in the 450 million history of planet earth is being caused, not by the likes of a meteor impact, or a massive volcanic eruption, but by human activity. World wildlife populations have declined by 60% since 1970 (source: Living Planet Report 2018). This is not just a tragedy taking place in far off lands. The UK was recently ranked 189th out of 218 countries for looking after it’s natural wealth, making it one of the most nature-depleted countries on earth! (Source: State of Nature Report 2016).

Our impact also reaches out into the atmosphere. The current rate of change in carbon–dioxide levels has no known precedent. Other greenhouses gases are increasing in the atmosphere at an exponential rate too. Is it any wonder that, as of 2016, 16 of the 17 warmest years on record (defined as average global land and ocean surface temperatures) had occurred since 2001.


This graph shows the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere over the last 2,000 years (Source: U.S. National Climate Assessment 2014):

William R. Catton sums up the challenge well in “Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change”:

“We must learn to relate personally to what may be called “the ecological facts of life”. We must see that those facts are affecting our lives far more importantly and permanently than the events that make headlines. To understand the human predicament now requires a truly ecological perspective”.

The Good News

Sociology is defined as the study of social behaviour or society, including its development. The “founders” of sociology paid little attention to the importance of nature to the protection and development of society. After all Marx, Durkheim, Weber and other sociologists of the time lived in a vast world that had yet to be seen from outer space. In fact, if the whole time span of human existence was looked at in terms of a 24 hour day, the “hippies” and “tree-huggers” that quite justifiably rang the alarm, only appeared at seconds to midnight! “Earthrise”, the first picture of our world taken from outer space was published in January 1969, showing just how delicate and fragile our only home was.

At first, it might feel like an impossible task to turn things round and get UK nature thriving again, but there are certainly enough caring businesses, community groups and individuals to do just that. The UK is also blessed with a range of wonderful wildlife charities and thousands of community groups that are passionately working to restore UK Nature for the good of all.

How Team4Nature Works

Team4Nature was created in response to the findings of The State of Nature 2013 Report. We provide the stage for caring and visionary businesses, amazing community groups and passionate individuals to rise together and create thriving neighbourhoods with a bright future. Our Team4Nature local guardians work on the ground to strengthen these exciting networks and find more heroes that possess the qualities necessary to make a difference in their local community:

  • Team4Nature local networks are designed to offer something for everyone, whilst building strength through teamwork. Businesses, community groups and individuals can all get involved and make a difference in their local area.
  • Each Team4Nature local network covers a parliamentary constituency.
  • Each Team4Nature local network will have its own community website area to promote local business and serve as a resource to help people connect with nature, projects and organisations in their local area.
  • Each Team4Nature local network will have one or more Team4Nature local guardians, working on the ground to help make things happen, organise network meetings and strengthen the local community.
  • By connecting people to the local businesses and other organisations that care, the level of local pride of place and sustainable economic strength will rise. Local supply chains and employment hubs will also be built, as each Team4Nature local network strengthens.

Get Involved

There really is something for everyone in our Team4Nature local networks:

Every local business can be cherished for raising awareness of nature and caring for its local community,
Every community group that embraces nature in its mission statement and activities can grow from strength to strength,

Every hero in waiting, regardless of age, background, faith, gender, race or sexuality can be supported, whilst they rise and help transform their communities.

So! If YOU appreciate the power of nature, understand the challenge and feel inspired to get involved and make a difference in your local community, here’s how:

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