Author Joe Harkness appeared on BBC Springwatch with his book "Bird Therapy" and was the first of our wonderful guest bloggers.

New Nature Magazine: Giving Voice to the Next Generation - by James Common

Nov Dec

2019 will certainly be remembered for the rise of a massive climate youth movement around the world. But, as Paul Hawken clearly identified in his book "Blessed Unrest", back in 2007, movements that are changing the world are leaderless: made up of hundreds of thousands of individual actions and projects on the ground amongst the grassroots. We have had the pleasure to watch one such seed of change develop over the the last three years and, like many others, it fills our hearts with hope. James Common, reveals how New Nature Magazine came into being and how it represents the voice of young writers and wildlife heroes:

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A Growing Appetite for Bird Therapy - by Joe Harkness

The story of Joe Harkness is a truly remarkable one. In his own words, he is "working class with a chequered past and no university education". A deeply personal and open approach means that, even before Joe's book "Bird Therapy" reaches the shelves, he has touched many people's lives already, through his words and shared experiences. Here Joe describes the growing movement that is recognising the power of nature to heal the mind and maintain wellbeing:

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