"Butterflies are nature's angels. They remind us what a gift it is to be alive" (Robyn Nola - Artist)

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Prosperity (noun): a successful, flourishing or thriving condition.

Who would have thought, as we all celebrated last new year, that such a dark shadow would be cast over civilisation in 2020?

As we tentatively begin to emerge from the darkness of COVID-19 we are, perhaps, looking for sources of hope and light more than ever. Society has pursued money and greed by destruction and selfishness, but how truly prosperous are we all in 2020?

At such a time, when our whole world seems fragile, there is cause for great hope. The number of people that understand the link between nature and our health and wellbeing, will have undoubtedly risen as a result of COVID-19. Nature has provided a sanctuary for so many people over the past months and the great news is that the science and means to look after the natural world are already there. We just have to come together, join forces and start reviving the life systems upon which we all depend.

Butterflies are not just great sources of beauty. They are also important indicators, telling us how healthy the world around us is. Sadly, 76% of UK butterfly species have declined in either abundance or occurrence over the last 40 years.

Even governments accept that more butterflies means a healthier environment for us all, delivered through a balanced natural world. So the answer is quite simple and provides a great source of hope. Why "live for the day" and go on destroying, stressing and mutating nature and littering the planet, when we can "live for EVERY day" and create a bright future for all by helping to revive nature? Have you felt the deep satisfaction that comes from healing the world and using your strength and wisdom to guide others, whilst creating a better future for your loved ones? 

Hero (noun): a real person who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage or strength.

Here are our 10 tips to help you, your family, friends and work colleagues start creating a world with more butterflies and greater cause for hope, health and prosperity:

1. Build your knowledge: learn to identify butterflies so that you can share your ability and charm others.

2. Use the power of your voice to inform others about the state of nature and its importance to human health and wellbeing.

3. After informing others about the state of nature and it's importance, be the hero: empower them and lead the way by showing them what they can do to make a difference.

4. Use your gifts and talents for good in your community: volunteer with your local green space or wildlife group (via your local council website) or raise awareness of your local butterflies and other wildlife through art and creativity.

5. Use your muscle and creativity: create a butterfly and moth garden

6. Become a citizen scientist: record your butterflies on iRecord to give scientists and wildlife charities the information they need to help protect butterflies.

7. Be the super-hero parent, guardian or mentor: lead children into the magical world of butterflies with the help of munching caterpillars and Becca's Butterflies series of books.

8. Support nature-friendly farming which can provide pollen, nectar and food plants across 70% of the UK mainland: support the Nature Friendly Farming Network TODAY and be part of the solution by helping to create political change.

9. Take part in the 2020 Big Butterfly Count: from 17th July to 8th August 2020.

10. Join or support Team "Butterflies4HopeUK" to raise funds for the wonderful wildlife charity: Butterfly Conservation.

If YOU believe that we should all be working together for a better world, then please lead the way by sharing this article and getting involved. Hope lies in YOU (and butterflies)!

Thank you :)




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